The forests revealed some of their secrets to us tonight 19.06.2018

We set out from town in good spirits to see what was on show in the forests tonight, on our way we saw a little roe deer racing off into the trees for cover, a good omen we all thought.

The conditions for the moose safari were perfect, but even so the moose were not going to make it easy for us to see them. After refreshments at our base camp in the wilderness we set out on our search for the sometimes elusive animals of south Lapland. We searched for some time very good locations, damage to the young trees caused by recent moose grazing was evidence that we were on the right track, but still they stayed hidden.

But then we got our first sighting, a young male in a clearing staring back at us, standing still as though posing for the camera. We got some quality time from this animal before his twin Brother appeared from the side of the clearing, but he was not so calm and ran across to be near his brother but staying close to the trees around the edge of the open space to reduce chances of being spotted. They stayed for a short time then headed into the forest and simply disappeared from view into the trees.

Then our third moose was just disappearing into the forest as we approached it, we saw its back end disappear into the trees, but we did get very close.

And then finally on the return journey our forth moose of the night was standing in a hay field at the far end from the road, a large female. Sadly she was quite nervous and disappeared into the trees as we were arriving but we at least got a good look at here. So in the end the forests revealed some of their secrets to us tonight, but it was hard work as so often to find them.

Please find pictures of the tour here