What a perfect night for the moose safari! 30.06.2018

Just 10 minutes after we entered the endless forests of Lapland in the bright and golden midsummer sun, we had our first encounter with two young male moose. They just stood there, looking at our car, and posing for some pictures. We spent a good amount of time just watching those two beautiful animals before we continued our search. As the time was flying, more and more animals decided to cross our path and let us have a glance at them, before walking back into the woods and bushes were they came from. We have seen them all. Several mountain hares, capercaillies, an absolutely stunning reindeer, and ten moose in all forms and shapes! Females, males, twins, singles, young ones, and grown ups. We were already late when two young females appeared just next to the road to give us the last encounter of the night before heading back to Rovaniemi in the golden early morning sun.

What a perfect night!