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Nordlicht- und Naturexperten !


Lapland Welcome ist ein in Lappland ansässiges Pionierunternehmen und bietet seit fast einem Jahrzehnt Natururlaub in Finnland an. Das Unternehmen ist Experte in Sachen Natur und Nordlichter von Lappland, und ein erfahrener Veranstalter.

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June 28, 2017

Fishing Trip by Boat near Rovaniemi

My family and I are still talking about our fishing day we had two days ago. We had such a great time!...

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Was that the fire fox that crossed in front of us on the journey home? 25-09-22

Our journey out into the wilderness was under a clear sky once away from the city. We kept stopping to search for signs of the northern lights, we used all of our viewing spots as you must make the most of clear sky while you have it. The stars faded as the evening progressed and…

The northern lights headed south out of the twilight 23-09-22

We stopped to check the sky and by the third stop it was clear the northern lights were there and waiting for their moment. Once at our hill top viewing spot the northern lights continued to brighten and move south, they passed over our heads by midnight. The brighter moments came from time to time,…

Conversations around the fire and our Lappish shamanism 22-09-22

Gathered around the fire in its warm glow we shared stories and enjoyed conversations, the sky was checked while our visitors took time to eat and have drinks. The chance to experience our Lappish shamanism was enjoyed around the fire, a little piece of Lapland to take home as a memory.

Keeping a careful watch of the sky paid off tonight 20-09-22

As we headed out to the wilderness we kept stopping to check the sky, this paid off as we got our first encounter with the northern lights on the way. We stopped to watch the display filling the northern sky, what a treat. The display continued once at our viewing location, and once id began…

Beautiful summer 2022


Midnight Sun Special 5.7.2022

What a beautiful night we had.05-07-22 The sky was mostly clear with pink and blue/grey clouds drifting from south to north, the crescent moon hanging in the west. The sun was so bright though we did loose it behind cloud for a while around midnight the night still felt magical, and by 12.45 the sun…


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