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Lapland Welcome はラップランドを拠点に、10年以上にわたって様々な屋外ツアーを先駆けて提供してきました。ラップランドの自然とオーロラのスペシャリストとして、経験豊富なスタッフの揃う現地旅行会社です。

Covid-19 INFO (19th of September 2020)

Finland´s international travel is now divided into two groups:


Arriving from low Covid-19 countries:
From 19th of Sept traveling to Finland from countries of cases under 25/100 000 population, without testing procedures or quarantine, no matter how long the stay (Australia, Japan etc.)   BOOK ANY HOLIDAY PACKAGE WITH US!


Arriving from higher Covid-19 countries:
From 23rd of Nov traveling to Finland from countries with cases over 25/100 000 population, in stays under 72 hours, the traveller must present a fresh under 72 hours old negative test result from the country of departure. (No quarantine or testing procedures in Finland, countries like France, Italy, Spain etc.) We do not recommend over 72 hours stay in this case. BOOK A PACKAGE FOR MAX 3 NIGHTS IN FINLAND STARTING AFTER 23rd of NOVEMBER 2020!






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